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Mr. Smith

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Shoot 'Em Up is a 2007 action film , starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, and Monica Bellucci. The film was written and directed by Michael Davis and produced by Susan Montford, Don Murphy and Rick Benattar. The film was released on September 7, 2007.

The film opens as a drifter, known as Smith (Clive Owen), sits at a bus stop eating a carrot and drinking coffee when a pregnant woman busy going into labor passes by. Shortly after, a hitman pursues her and attempts to kill her in a warehouse. Smith manages to save her, but another bunch of assailants arrive on the scene and a shootout ensues. Showing almost no fear, Smith picks up a gun and proves that his weapon skills are second to none. During the conflict, the lady gives birth to a baby boy (later named Oliver) and confronts the second in command Karl Hertz (Paul Giamatti), who praises him for his efforts and decides to "return the favor". While trying to escape having failed to subdue Hertz, the baby's mother is shot dead, which leads Smith to grab the boy and evade his would-be capturers. Hertz intends to get him soon enough.

A while later Smith again saves Oliver from an assassination attempt in a public park, after trying to leave him there in hopes of someone being able to adopt the boy. Realizing the baby is a prime target Smith takes Oliver to a mammary on tap (lactating brothel) to leave him there with Smith's mistress Donna (Monica Bellucci), but to no avail. Hertz arrives at the brothel a short while later and sadistically tortures her for information with the use of his gun. Smith intervenes and shoots him in the chest.

Smith and Donna begin investigating as to who wants to kill Oliver, after discovering a vital clue at a metal club and surviving yet another assassination attempt on their lives by a group of military foot soldiers while having sex in their motel room. Smith begins to cripple the competition by causing a shootout in the Hammerson Gun Factory, who just so happens to be Hertz's boss. After escaping and returning to Donna, Smith discovers that Senator Rutledge, who is dying of Bone Marrow Cancer and who also needs Oliver's bone marrow in hope of a donor can provide him with the necessary answer. While flying with Rutledge on a government plane, Smith uncovers Rutledge's perjury and holds him hostage. Hertz and Hammerson arrive and reveal to him that because Rutledge strongly supported gun control and as means of blackmail they killed the surrogate mothers so that Rutledge could negotiate a deal with them by dropping his defense in exchange for a living donor. With caution Smith moves to the fuselage of the aircraft, shoots Rutledge in the head and jumps off with the aid of a parachute. A few of Hertz's men follow and Smith kills them in mid-air. Go-To-Guy appears and tries to kill Smith, but ends up being carved up by an oncoming helicopter's propellers.

Mr. Smith Mr. Smith

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