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Ravage is the name of several fictional character in the Transformers universes. Due to the inability to trademark the common word "ravage", he is sometimes called Battle Ravage, Command Ravage or Tripredacus Agent. In 2007 Hasbro released the Alternators toy under the name Ravage again.

Ravage is one of a very small number of Transformers to have featured in both the original Transformers series and its 1990s CGI successor, Beast Wars: Transformers. His history within both series is intertwined back and forth in a unique fashion.

The original Ravage toy was packaged along with the Decepticon Rumble. When Soundblaster was reissued in Japan, and his repaint as the original Soundwave in the U.S., Ravage was included.

In the audio books Autobots' Lightning Strike and Autobots Fight Back, Ravage is referred to as a hound.

Ravage Ravage Ravage Ravage

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