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Wild Child

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Wild Child (Kyle Gibney) alternately spelled Wildchild and also known as Weapon Omega and Wildheart, is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics publications. The character has been active as both a superhero and a supervillain. He has been a member of Alpha Flight, X-Factor, and Weapon X. He was created by John Byrne in a cameo appearance in Alpha Flight #1, but he did not appear in full until Alpha Flight #11.

Kyle Gibney is a mutant who manifested a feral mutation during puberty; this mutation granted him enhanced physical abilities and an increased rate of regeneration. He also suffered from a bestial appearance, which prompted his parents to throw him out of their house. Living on the streets, he was kidnapped by the conspiratorial Secret Empire and subjected to mind- and body-altering experiments. The experiments had the consequence of making him psychologically unstable, and in particular prone to violent and animalistic behavior. During this time, he became acquainted with Dr. Valerie Cooper, a United States government official who was unaware of the Secret Empire's true nature or activities. He was freed by Wyre, the man who had unwittingly been the source for the genetic material that was used in the Empire's experiments.

Gibney (now Wild Child) was detained by the military and given over to the custody of Canada's secret Department H, who oversaw the formative Alpha Flight team. The Flight member Walter Langkowski, wanting to protect the youth from the military, placed him in the trainee team dubbed Gamma Flight. After Alpha Flight and its trainee groups were officially disbanded, Gibney was recruited to join the first Omega Flight team, a group of professional criminals. Alongside Omega Flight, he battled Alpha Flight and was defeated. Alongside Omega Flight, he battled Alpha Flight again in the West Edmonton Mall, and was defeated by Madison Jeffries. Afterwards, he committed a series of murders, which ended when he battled and was captured by Wolverine after he severely injured and almost killed Alpha Flight member Heather Hudson.

Wild Child was subsequently pardoned under unrevealed circumstances and given membership in the new Gamma Flight. Alongside Gamma Flight, he battled Alpha Flight. However, he then aided Gamma and Alpha Flight against Llan the Sorcerer's forces. When Gamma Flight was disbanded soon after that, he went berserk over his deprecated status and attacked Pathway, another trainee. Gamma's leader Nemesis teleported him away during a fight with Heather Hudson (then Guardian) and Wolverine, and he was captured by Wolverine. Department H would later help him overcome his psychological problems and cure his mental illness, train him in unarmed combat, and place him as a special operative of the Canadian government assigned to Alpha Flight under the codename Weapon Omega. Alongside Alpha Flight, he battled Diablo. He joined Alpha Flight's "Core Alpha", met the second X-Factor team, and prevented the mind-controlled Omerta from assassinating Italy's head of state. He also fought a Wild Child doppelganger during the Infinity War. He was attacked by Wyre but rescued by Alpha Flight. He searched for Nemesis, and was held prisoner with her by Rok, but they were then rescued by Weapon X. He defeated Wyre in personal combat; he then learned about his true origin, and changed his codename to Wildheart. He aided Alpha Flight in combat with the Wrecker. He also became romantically involved with his teammate Aurora.

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