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Superman (Kal Kent)

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Win Percentage: 66.67%

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Kal Kent is a fictional superhero who appears in the DC Comics, created by Grant Morrison. He is the Superman of the 853rd century. He last appeared in DC One Million #4 and returned in All Star Superman #6.

In the 853rd century, the progenitor of the Superman Dynasty, Superman Kal-El, is about to return from his solar Fortress of Solitude after several centuries. As part of the festivities, the Justice Legion Alpha went back in time to recruit the ancient Justice League of America. The current Legion had counter parts to the League except for Green Lantern (they had the future Starman instead). After arriving at the end of the 20th century, Kal Kent and the Justice Legion convinced the League to go the future and participate in trials as part of the celebration. Before they leave, Kal helps Superman stop a Belle-Reve prison riot; during this incident he references fighting the Chronovore with the 'Superman Squad'.

Following the League's departure, Hourman releases the "Hourman virus" which infected not only people, but technology. It is revealed that the virus is Solaris' artificial intelligence in its infancy. The virus is spreading because Solaris is looking in all technology and organisms for its body. To cure the world and save it from Solaris, they had to create Solaris. Once in his body, Solaris became self aware, with his intelligence increasing with every passing second. Starman sacrifices himself but he is able to banish Solaris by creating a black hole. Their time machine didn't have enough power for deep time travel, but Superman is able to punch through the time barrier to bring the Legion back to the 853rd century. They arrive in time for Superman-Prime's arrival and the final destruction of Solaris.

In 2005, DC Comics announced All Star Superman would be written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely. The premise is a universal Superman who isn't constrained by decades of continuity, and has the best elements of the mythos plucked from each era of Superman history. Morrison planned to use aborted plans from the "Superman 2000" pitch and expanded on previous plot lines including DC One Million and Solaris.

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