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Rogue Squadron

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Rogue Squadron is a starfighter squadron in the Star Wars science fiction saga. Many of the pilots that will join Rogue Squadron are initially members of Red Squadron, the X-Wing attack force that Luke Skywalker joins during the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The squadron appears in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) as Rogue Group. It is prominently featured in a comic book series, a nine-volume novel series, and several video games. The unit is depicted as consisting of "the best pilots and the best fighters".

Red Squadron, the forerunner of Rogue Squadron, is first featured in A New Hope (1977) during the attack on the first Death Star. This appearance features many notable pilots, including Biggs Darklighter ("Red Three"), Jek Porkins ("Red Six"), Wedge Antilles ("Red Two"), and Luke Skywalker ("Red Five"). The squadron went on to appear in The Empire Strikes Back at the Battle of Hoth and in Return of the Jedi during the attack on the second Death Star. However, the squadron was never a prominent feature of these films, and was rarely referred to as "Rogue Squadron" (rather, the "Red Squadron" designation is used). The X-wing comic series, written by Michael A. Stackpole and published by Dark Horse Comics, were the first works of Star Wars literature to focus on the adventures and exploits of the squadron. The comic series picked up with the reformation of the squadron after the Battle of Endor.

Stackpole went on to novelize the squadron's tale in his X-wing book series, which initially spanned four volumes. Stackpole is credited as the creator of the character Corran Horn, who later starred in his own first-person novel, I, Jedi, also written by Stackpole. Horn later became a popular character in the Expanded Universe, playing a major part in several New Jedi Order novels. By the time of the events of The New Jedi Order, Horn was a Jedi Knight and no longer a member of the squadron, but the Rogues are still a vital fighting force and command a presence in several of the New Jedi Order novels as well.

The squadron is the focus of several video games: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, and Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike.

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