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Queen Akasha

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In the novels of Anne Rice, Those Who Must Be Kept are the progenitors of all vampires who are also regarded as the King and Queen of the Vampires.

Originally King Enkil and Queen Akasha of Kemet (now Egypt) circa 5,000 BCE, they became the first vampires when an evil spirit named Amel was able to enter the body of Akasha through a wound and fuse with her flesh. Akasha then turned Enkil into a vampire by drawing out nearly all of his blood and then allowing him to drink nearly all of hers. (See: The Queen of the Damned)

The term "Those Who Must Be Kept" was coined by the vampire Marius referring to the fact that what befalls Akasha and Enkil also befalls all vampires; if they are injured, so are their children, if they die, so do all vampires. An example of this is explained in the story of Marius' life: The current caretaker of the two sought to be free of them, and placed them in the sun. The two lived, but weaker vampires were destroyed by spontaneous combustion .

Long before Marius came into conservatorship of Those Who Must Be Kept, they were nearly completely inanimate, seated seemingly unconscious for centuries without moving.

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