Outlaw (Inez Temple)

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Outlaw (Inez Temple) is a fictional character created by Marvel Comics for their series' Deadpool and Agent X. She is a mutant with the abilities of superhuman strength, durability, agility, and an uncanny accuracy with firearm.

Inez Temple was born in Texas and as a child she was bullied by other children, who called her Crazy Inez. This nickname still enrages Inez. Due to her mutant strength, she was far stronger than her peers and beat them whenever they bullied her, but her father taught her to be responsible with her powers.

When she grew up, she became a mercenary. She encountered Deadpool several times and flirted with him, but the two never really got a chance to hit it off. Outlaw was called in as a shooting instructor for Alex Hayden aka Agent X. They were both hired shortly afterwards to steal the Punisher's Colt .45 handguns and despite being competitors, they started a romantic relationship. They failed to steal the Punisher's guns and were locked up in a phone booth minus their weapons and clothes by Castle. The Punisher then killed the people who had sent them. After that Outlaw started to work with Agent X. When Alex announced his plans to set up a special agency for mercenaries, known as Agency X, she had to disappoint him though; her father had taken ill and she went back to Texas to be with him.

She returned after her father died and discovered that in her absence Alex had had an affair with his secretary Sandi Brandenberg. Her rage vanished when she saw that Alex was being attacked by the Black Swan. Black Swan called Outlaw "Crazy Inez" and in a fit of rage, Outlaw punched straight through his torso. This wasn't enough to kill Black Swan though and together with Taskmaster and Sandi, they defeated the Black Swan. Outlaw and Alex continued their relationship (as did Sandi and Taskmaster). She aided Alex Hayden with his mercenary company, Agency X, but with the end of the Agent X series, she disappeared from the limelight.

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