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The Big O

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is the name given to the giant robots of The Big O anime series. Forty years prior to the events of the series, the world was turned into a vast desert wasteland and the survivors were left without memories. The megadeuses are portrayed as remnants of the previous civilization, a lost technology few citizens of Paradigm know how to control. The word is a blend of the Greek Megas, meaning "Great", and the Latin deus, meaning "god".

The robots were designed by series creator Keiichi Sato, who also designed the Mazinger mecha featured on the Mazinkaiser OVA and the mutant creatures of The SoulTaker TV series.

The Megadeuses are portrayed as semi-sentient beings, capable of acting on their own. The designs are strange and "more macho than practical." Unlike the giants of other robot anime, the megadeuses do not exhibit ninja-like speed nor grace or possess voice-activated special attacks; but for what they lack in agility, they more than make-up in power. The robots come armed with weaponry like missiles, piston powered punches, machine guns, and laser cannons.

The nature of the megadeuses is tied to the event forty years prior. In the final episode of the first season, Roger Smith has a flashback in the form of a nightmare: an army of megadeuses burn down the city as a group of bald-headed children look on. In the second season premiere, he experiences a lucid dream of a town without domes, where its citizens have not forgotten who they are and megadeuses are nowhere to be found. In the final episode, he gets another burst of memories: the city stands in ruins and the megadeuses fight amongst themselves while a winged giant oversees the onslaught.

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