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This is a selected listing of fifty-one of the Pokémon species, arranged as they are in the main game series' National Pokédex.

, known as the Seed Pokémon, is the evolved form of Bulbasaur. Aside from becoming taller and heavier then Bulbasaur, its trademark bulb becomes a pink flower bud, and four leaves now appear at the base of this bud. The Pokémon's legs are more stout, allowing it to hold up the bigger bulb, yet limiting its previous ability to stand on its hind legs. Its eyes now look more aggressive and intimidating. Like before, Ivysaur and its bulb share a mutualistic relationship; bathing in sunlight allows both to continue growing. Eventually, the bud will give off a sweet scent, a signal that it will bloom soon, and that its host will evolve. An Ivysaur will spend more time bathing in sunlight in order to reach evolution.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ivysaur is a playable character, under the command of the Pokémon Trainer. The Trainer also has Squirtle and Charizard, all three of which can be switched between; unlike the other fighters, these Pokémon become fatigued and consequently weaker, and must be switched out long enough to recover. In Chapter 15, "Wartortle Wars", it evolves into an Ivysaur after battling a wild Mankey. In Chapter 30, "Zap, Zap, Zapdos!", Red uses Saur to defeat Lt. Surge's Zapdos. In Chapter 33, "The Winged Legends", Red's Ivysaur evolves into a Venusaur to team up with Blue's Charizard and Green's Blastoise, to defeat Sabrina's Zapmolcuno (a merged form of Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno) and destroy Team Rocket's control on Saffron City, splitting the three birds in the process.

, known as the Seed Pokémon, is the final stage in Bulbasaur evolution. The seed finally bloomed into a huge flower, vaguely resembling a Rafflesia. The flower constantly draws in sunlight for nutrition, characterized by vivid colors and a soothing aroma, and power, which is much more substantial in the summer. They are always on the move to absorb more sunlight, though they usually remain quiet and still while absorbing it. After it rains, the aroma is much stronger, which attracts other Pokémon. Female Venusaur have a seed coming out of the flower, possibly representing a pregnancy. Being the final form of Grass starter, Venusaur can learn moves such as Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and Frenzy Plant.

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