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Philip J. Fry

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Philip J. Fry, known simply as Fry, is a fictional character, the main protagonist of the animated science fiction sitcom Futurama. He is voiced by Billy West using a version of his own voice as he sounded when he was 25. , his nephew Phillip J. Fry (son of his brother Yancy Fry Jr.), or his clone who would later call himself "Lars Filmore."

Born in 1974, Fry is an average, thoroughly unremarkable loser in his mid 20s. He is a pizza delivery boy who, during the first few seconds of the year 2000, was pushed into a cryonic freezing tank while delivering a pizza to Applied Cryogenics. He remains frozen for 1,000 years, finally thawing out on the last day of the year 2999, where he meets the one-eyed career officer Turanga Leela, and a cigar smoking, booze fueled, kleptomaniac robot Bender. Together, they are employed by Fry's distant nephew, the senile and demented old scientist Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth, as the crew of his delivery company Planet Express. In the past Fry has: an older brother, Yancy, a dog, Seymour, and a girlfriend Michelle who dumped him in the first episode "Space Pilot 3000", just before he was frozen. His increasing knowledge of the future also allows him to serve as an audience surrogate as he needs many new concepts explained to him. He also seems interested in the song "Walking on Sunshine" as he is seen singing it throughout the series.

Fry was born in New York City on August 9, 1974, and was named for the Phillips head screwdriver. He has an older brother named Yancy, with whom he has a lifelong conflict, due to Fry's perception that Yancy steals everything from him and vice versa. In high school, he claims to have suffered three heart attacks from drinking 100 cans of cola each week. After dropping out of Coney Island Community College, he took a three-year break and watched television continuously, knowing someday it would help him to save the world (and because he would lose his worker's compensation if he went outside). He then got a job as a delivery boy at Panucci's Pizza.

Due to a series of misadventures and events involving an unintentional trip into the past, Fry ends up becoming his own grandfather by accidentally killing his supposed grandfather in an atomic explosion and later that same day spending the night with his young grandmother.

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