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Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living

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The following is a list of characters that appear in the American animated series ThunderCats and its related media.

Lion-O (character voice provided by Larry Kenney) — The leader, and the hereditary "Lord of the ThunderCats." Lion-O, based on the lion, wields the legendary Sword of Omens, able to fire bolts of energy and allow Lion-O to see across great distances with its power of "Sight Beyond Sight," and the Claw Shield, a gauntlet that launches grappling lines from its claws. A mere child of twelve years old at the time of Thundera's destruction, Lion-O aged to adulthood during the trip to Third Earth when his suspension capsule failed to prevent him from aging too much. Although cunning and skillful, he is truly a child in a man's body, and throughout the series, must learn what it takes to become a true leader and gain true maturity.

In the latter half of the show's first season, Lion-O has to put all that he has learned to use in the "Anointment Trials," which consist of contests of strength, speed, cunning, and intelligence (this last is referred to as "mind-power" in the story arc) against each of the other ThunderCats (complicating matters for Lion-O is the fact that he is required to be unarmed for the contests; moreover, the other ThunderCats are not permitted to assist him. The Mutants attempt—ultimately without success—to take advantage of this last in an effort to leave the ThunderCats leaderless). Ultimately triumphing over Mumm-Ra in a final battle ("The Trial Of Evil") in the heart of the villain's pyramid in which he discovers that Mumm-Ra, like any Egyptian mummy, is dependent upon his sarcophagus, Lion-O is crowned the true Lord of the ThunderCats in an august ceremony attended by nearly every inhabitant of Third Earth. Lion-O also has the ability as Lord of the ThunderCats to command all cats, as he demonstrated in his battle with the Snowman of Hook Mountain when he commanded Snowmeow to halt.

Jaga (voice by Earl Hammond) — Known as “Jaga the Wise,” based on the jaguar, this elder warrior was once regarded as the greatest of all ThunderCats. An adviser and protector of the Lord’s family, it was Jaga who gathered the nobles of the ThunderCats to escort Lion-O and the Eye of Thundera to safety, but in his aged condition, he did not survive the trip to Third Earth. However, Jaga does reappear on Third Earth as a spirit — seen only by Lion-O at first, to guide him in his lessons and adventures. At times, he appears before the other ThunderCats as well, such as when facing down Grune the Destroyer, and when the ThunderCats need to rescue their fellow Thundereans. When he was alive, Jaga also wielded the Sword of Omens and was a formidable fighter in combat.

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living

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