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Terrax the Tamer is a fictional character that appears in the comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Fantastic Four #211 (Oct. 1979) and was created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne.

The character first appears as Tyros in the title Fantastic Four, and is ruler of the city-state of Lanlak on the planetoid Birj. The cosmic entity Galactus selects Tyros as his next Herald, but first wishes for the superhero team the Fantastic Four to humble him. In return the cosmic entity agrees to travel to Earth to aid the heroes against a new threat, the villain the Sphinx). Tyros is defeated, and brought before Galactus, who changes the petty tyrant into Terrax, with mastery of the elements of earth.

Terrax travels with Galactus to Earth, and while his new master battles the Sphinx, attacks the Fantastic Four - still resenting the heroes for their role in his transformation. Terrax, however, is tricked and defeated by the Human Torch, and leaves with a victorious Galactus. In the title Dazzler Terrax is revealed to have fled from Galactus, but is defeated by heroine Dazzler. Terrax reappears in the title Rom, and after leading Galactus to the planet Galador, battles its champion, Rom, and his fellow spaceknights.

Terrax rebels again in the title Fantastic Four, and levitate the New York City borough of Manhattan into space, and blackmail the Fantastic Four into fighting Galactus. The entity, however, strips Terrax of power and he is almost killed when falling from the World Trade Center. After being hospitalized, a depowered Tyros is retrieved by master villain Doctor Doom. Doom restores a portion of the character's former cosmic power in exchange for his help in destroying the Fantastic Four. Tyros, however, is unaware that the power he has received is unstable and will destroy him within twenty-four hours. The character defeats three members of the Fantastic Four and then turns against Doom, almost killing the villain. Tyros is challenged by fellow Herald the Silver Surfer, and during the battle is consumed by his own unstable cosmic power. In an Avengers annual the character is temporarily resurrected to become a member of the second Legion of the Unliving by the Elder of the Universe the Grandmaster.

Terrax Terrax

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