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Matthias Mouse

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In the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques, there are a number of characters who serve as Champion of Redwall Abbey. These characters often serve as the chief protagonists of the book. Each Redwall Champion is described, followed in parentheses by the novel(s) in which he/she appears.

He was born to Luke the Warrior and Sayna in a cave next to the sea that was settled by Luke's tribe. Martin grew up without his mother, for she was killed in a raid by the seastoat Vilu Daskar. Soon after, Luke went off to find Vilu Daskar and never returned. Sometime later, Martin was captured by the stoat Badrang with his grandmother and taken to Marshank as a slave. There, after escaping with the help of Grumm, a mole, and a mouse, Rose, two travellers from Noonvale, he manages to free the other slaves and then lead a rebellion with the help of wood-landers from Noonvale. He then travels to Mossflower and helps defeat Tsarmina and later build Redwall Abbey.

(Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, Luke the Warrior)

Samkim was a squirrel orphan of Redwall Abbey, and good friends with Arula the molemaid. One night during a thunderstorm, he narrowly avoided being skewered by the sword of Martin the Warrior as it fell off the weathervane. All the Redwallers were very puzzled by this incident. Brother Hal the Recorder worked through the night, searching for old volumes to find the reason why the sword would be on the weathervane. When he finally found the answer, he was anxious to tell Samkim and Arula, but he was accidentally killed by an arrow shot by the stoats Dingeye and Thura before he could let anyone know.

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Reepicheep 5 to 17
Loss Miles 'Tails' Prower 5 to 21
Win Dr. Eggman 12 to 5
Loss Krystal 7 to 16
Loss Meta Knight 9 to 13
Win Marisa Kirisame 9 to 5
Win Miles 'Tails' Prower 9 to 8