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Robert "Robbie" Baldwin is a comic book superhero character, appearing in books published by Marvel Comics.

Originally known as Speedball, the character was created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Tom DeFalco, initially as a candidate for Marvel's separate New Universe imprint.

Baldwin first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 (1988). The character's origin and early exploits as Speedball were depicted soon after in a solo series. After that series was cancelled, he appeared as a member of the superhero team the New Warriors, in the monthly title of the same name.

In the Marvel Comics crossover "Civil War", Baldwin's powers change, and he changes his name and appearance to Penance. Following this change, Baldwin becomes a member of the Thunderbolts. As of the first issue of "Avengers Academy", he has reverted to Speedball and a modified version of his first appearance. Despite the outward change, Baldwin still seems to have issues with guilt and depression. However, he is also making a genuine attempt to move past those feelings and make positive changes.

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