Lady Blackhawk

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Lady Blackhawk is an alias used by two fictional comic book characters appearing in American comic book. The first, Zinda Blake, was introduced in a DC Comics publication in 1959; the second, Natalie Reed, appeared in a DC Comics title in 1988. Both characters were aviatrices and soldiers.

Reed has not appeared since the 1992 one-shot special; Blake was more recently a regular character in the Birds of Prey comic book from 2004 to 2009.

Zinda Blake, the first Lady Blackhawk, is a fictional DC Comics character. She was introduced in Blackhawk #133 (February, 1959). (Quality's characters having been purchased by DC Comics, DC published Blackhawk from #108.)

However, Military Comics #20 (July, 1943) featured a story about a woman who attempts to become the first woman member of the Blackhawks, who looks, sounds and behaves much like Zinda Blake, although she does not divulge her name, and never calls herself Lady Blackhawk. In the story, she flies to Blackhawk Island, declares herself part of the team, and helps the Blackhawks on a mission behind German lines. Ultimately, she rescues Blackhawk himself. Some say that this is Zinda Blake's true first appearance, but this has never been official.

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