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Bob (Agent of Hydra)

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Win Percentage: 58.33%

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Bob, Agent of HYDRA, is a fictional mercenary in the Marvel Comics Universe, and a sidekick of Deadpool.

Bob returns in Deadpool (vol. 2) #6-7 (2009), "How Low Can You Go?", which deals with the implications of Dark Reign, the Secret Invasion aftermath. Writer Daniel Way has said "From day one I was looking for a way to bring in Bob. I don't want the book to become 'Deadpool and Friends' so characters will drift in and out, but Bob was someone I definitely wanted to bring in. It just had to be at the perfect moment and when I was putting this storyline together that moment presented itself."

Way also expanded:

A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded into joining the criminal organization HYDRA by his wife, Allison, who accused him of not being able to hold a steady job. The thought of a stable career with a dental plan also appealed to Bob, though he was disappointed to find out HYDRA does not offer full dental like AIM. During Deadpool's assault on HYDRA to rescue the captured Agent X, he ran into Bob and coerced him into helping him. Bob was hesitant, as HYDRA would not allow him back into the organization having betrayed them, but Deadpool, at the time four inches tall, tortured him with a security card until he relented. He then forced Bob to fly them to safety in one of HYDRA's jets, though Bob did not know how to pilot an aircraft.

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