Mr. White (James Bond)

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Mr. White is a fictional character and antagonist played by Jesper Christensen in the James Bond films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

He is a middleman of a terrorist organisation called Quantum which plays the same role fulfilled by SMERSH in Ian Fleming's original novel.

Mr. White is first seen as an intermediary between Quantum and LRA commander Steven Obanno. White introduces Obanno to Le Chiffre, and arranges for Le Chiffre to bank $101,206,000 for Obanno. Le Chiffre loses this money, due to Bond's intervention, and plans to cover the loss by winning up to $150 million at the Casino Royale tournament, hoping to do so before Mr. White and Obanno discover he has lost the funds. It is also presumed that Mr. White and Obanno are not notified of the casino tournament.

While Obanno is enraged over the loss of money, White is more concerned that Quantum's reputation has been damaged because a contractor betrayed their trust. When White learns that Obanno, sent by Mr White to extort Le Chiffre, was killed by Bond, and Le Chiffre has lost the poker game and failed to gain back the money, White finally loses his temper.

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Mr. White (James Bond)
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