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The Exemplars is a fictional group appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. It was made up of eight humans - Bedlam, Carnivore, Conquest, Decay, Inferno, Juggernaut, Stonecutter, and Tempest - who were empowered by the Octessence.

The eight powerful magical beings known as the Octessense could not agree who amongst them was the most powerful. They decided on a wager wherein each of the eight beings created an artifact which would turn the first human being that touched it into an Exemplar, a being who personified the power of that specific magical being. When all eight Exemplars were formed, they would have a Ceremony of the Octessense, where the Exemplars could battle it out, determining who was the most powerful.

The first Exemplar was the Juggernaut, who had formerly been Cain Marko, stepbrother to Charles Xavier. Marko found the Crimson Ruby of Cytorrak while serving in the Korean War. Unfortunately for the Juggernaut, the Temple of Cytorrak collapsed while he was inside, and it took the Juggernaut many years to dig out.

Seven other humans were transformed into Exemplars: Olisa Kabaki, Count Andreas Zorba, Brigdet Malone, Yoshiro Hachiman, Sam McGee, Utama Somchart and Nicolette Giroux. Despite all eight Exemplars coming from drastically different backgrounds, all share the key detail that they were primarily motivated by their frustration and rage at having failed to get what they wanted out of life. Although each Exemplar committed villainous acts on their own, the first action the Exemplars took as a team was to attack Spider-Man in the basement of the Daily Bugle. As a team, they also fought against Iron Man, Thor and Professor X when they attempted to recruit the Juggernaut in the construction of the 'God Machine' that they would use to take over the world. With the aid of the four gathered heroes, Juggernaut was able to destroy the machine, causing an explosion that sent the Exemplars flying all around the world while the heroes only just managed to escape

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