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Lucemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. Lucemon appears as the main antagonist in the Digimon anime season Digimon Frontier and then as the end boss in Digimon World Data Squad. Lucemon's name is most likely derived from Lucifer, an angel who fell from grace in Christian stories. However, it may also come directly from "luce," the Italian word for light and the root of the name Lucifer.

Lucemon is a twelve-winged angel who has the body of a young white blonde boy. He wears a long white toga, large golden anklets and bracelets, and has the Digital Hazard sign imprinted on his left foot and markings down his face, left arm, chest and stomach. Despite his fragile appearance, and the fact that he is only a Rookie Level Digimon, he is extremely powerful: even Mega Level Digimon fear him, since he can obliterate even a Mega with just one attack. His appearance of an innocent looking boy masks his ruthless nature. His voice is somewhat feminine but harsh, as though he is barely restraining his contemptuous nature.

Lucemon was a Digimon who believed others could not think for themselves, and that the world would be a better place if he had absolute power and made all the decisions. Lucemon appeared during the war between Human-type and Beast-type Digimon that occurred in the ancient past of the Digimon Frontier timeline. Lucemon was able to stop the war, and created the rules for a peaceful society where he had been the ultimate sovereign. However, he was corrupted by his own power and became oppressive towards all other Digimon.

Lucemon was able to corrupt Cherubimon, and had him and, later, the Royal Knights collect the data that would be needed to revive him. They were successful, and Lucemon was revived, allowing him to break free. While he never did any fighting on screen in his original form, while he was imprisoned he was able to send out a burst of power that defeated a relativity unhurt EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and blast them away with his Grand Cross attack when he appeared on the moon. He was defeated initially by Takuya and Koji as Susanoomon and was apparently purified, splitting into two DigiEggs. While the light Digiegg exploded into data, the pure-evil one entered the abyss and reformed into Lucemon's Shadow Lord Mode form as it flies its way to the real world with the Digidestined after him as Susanoomon. During the fight, they learn the Lucemon they're fighting is only a mindless beast carrying the actual Lucemon in his Larva Mode. Once Lucemon's Shadow Lord Mode is rendered completely mindless, it is destroyed by Susanoomon with Lucemon Larva attempting to kill Susanoomon as the Spirits expelled the children and took his attack which seemed to do no damage. Susanoomon de-digivolved into the Spirits of all of the Legendary Warriors, appearing in their Human Warrior forms and using his sword to deliver the deathblow to Lucemon.

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