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Shiva, a program that manifests itself as an armored robot, was designed to eliminate rogue survivors of the Weapon X program. The robots themselves, in addition to the program, were created by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri, in Wolverine #50. The program learns, and sends out new 'clones' of the original robot, that can't be defeated the same way twice.

Wolverine begins badgering Professor X to read his mind, in a sequel to Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X Saga. Finally, he goes to Canada, with oft-teammate Jubilee. They explore the broken down Weapon X facility, and leave, finding nothing. Unfortunately, Logan's entrance switches on a program, Shiva.

The Shiva program creates a robot, designed to take down surviving Weapon X members, and combats Wolverine. He defeats it, but a second one appears. Wolverine eventually defeats this one, and the program goes to the next target on a list: Sabretooth.

Sabretooth is at a wrestling show, when Shiva appears. Sabretooth defeats some more Shiva robots, and Shiva remains unheard of for a long time, presumably tracking down other Weapon X survivors.

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Win Rommie (Andromeda) 19 to 7
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Win Master Chief 54 to 43