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Walter C. Dollneaz

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is a fictional character in the Hellsing anime and manga series created by Kouta Hirano. Walter is a member of an organization called Millennium. He previously served as a member of the Hellsing Organization, and also as the retainer of the Hellsing family. In the TV and OVA series, his voice actor is Motomu Kiyokawa, and the English dub is by Ralph Lister.

Walter is by far the most controversial character among fans, who were unhappy about the treatment and execution of his storyarc.

He was born in either late 1924 or 1925. The place of his birth is unknown. Walter has lived with the Hellsing family for perhaps his entire life. It is known that Walter was educated at Balliol College, Oxford (where Arthur Hellsing and Sir Hugh Irons were educated) after World War II, and read philosophy and politics. Hellsing: The Dawn records Walter and Alucard (in the body of a little girl) storming Millennium's base during World War II in Warsaw, Poland, and putting an end to their first attempt at creating an army of artificial vampires.[]

In modern times, Walter serves primarily as Integra's butler and also makes special weapons for use by Hellsing's vampires, Alucard and Seras Victoria. However, he is still one of the organization's most capable operatives, wielding high-velocity monomolecular wire with incredible skill and precision. Walter's efficiency and power was so great that he earned the nickname the "Angel of Death," and even at the age of 69, Walter can still rip his way through hordes of the undead. In the manga, he also helps Integra make numerous difficult choices that Alucard occasionally poses, such as whether or not to kill innocent humans in order to achieve mission objectives.

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