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Del Boy and Rodney

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Derek Edward Trotter (born 12 July 1945), more commonly known as "Del Boy", is the fictional lead character in the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. He was played by David Jason in the original series and was portrayed as a teenager by James Buckley in the prequel Rock & Chips.

Del is a lively character, most noted for his happy-go-lucky, confident persona. Whilst not always being successful, his general confidence and often forcefulness often convinces people to believe in him. Starting with the fifth series, he became a stereotypical yuppie of the late 1980s, pretending to be a lot more financially successful than he really is, which fit in well with him always trying to associate with the higher classes of society but clearly being rooted as working class.

Del also has a rather sensitive side to his personality, particularly for his family. He is not always so keen to express his love for his family and loved ones, but in numerous episodes this side is brought out, such as in Diamonds Are for Heather, Strained Relations, Dates and Time On Our Hands.

His mother Joan died on 12 March 1964 — after an apparent long string of illnesses. Two months afterwards, his lazy father Reginald left, taking most of their money and even Del's birthday cake, left a teenage Derek as the sole breadwinner of the abandoned Trotter family. Del's grandfather was not up to taking the lead, his best efforts having failed, so Del was left to look after him and Rodney, his younger brother, who was born fifteen years after him in 1960.

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