President Charles Logan

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Charles Logan is a fictional character played by Gregory Itzin in the television series 24. During the show's fourth season, Logan is the American Vice President who is sworn into office as President of the United States when former President John Keeler is critically injured in a terrorist attack.

Itzin was nominated for a 2006 Supporting Actor Emmy Award for this role (losing to Alan Alda).

Charles Logan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Princeton University. Prior to his vice-presidency, he served as the CEO of Western Energy Coal & Reserve; he also served as Lieutenant Governor of California, and in the California State Legislature.

He possesses several characteristics that diminish his capacity as a President of the United States. He is seemingly incapable of making hard decisions quickly and for himself and relies on the recommendations of his advisors. If no advisors are available, he would rather withdraw himself from the situation entirely. Additionally, his resolve is weak, as he rarely ever stands firmly behind a decision he has already made. Furthermore, he usually boasts of his achievements after a crisis is over.

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