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Gamma Corps

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The Gamma Corps are a fictional comic book military unit and an anti-hero team published by Marvel Comics. The team first appears in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, and was created by Frank Tieri and Carlos Ferreira.

The Gamma Corps were selected as individuals whose lives had in some way been harmed or ruined by the Hulk. Using Hulk's DNA, acquired from the scene of a battle with Wolverine, these people were transformed into gamma-irradiated supersoldier. The team were assembled by General Ryker with the objective of destroying the Hulk.

According to the Marvel previews, they are armed with a variety of military weapons and have been trained to destroy the Hulk. Gideon, Grey and Mess are in the group because they hold the Hulk responsible for the loss of their loved ones, while Griffin and Prodigy hold more personal grudges against the green goliath.

Their first mission involved tracking down the failed Hulk-copy experiment, Private Benjamin Tibbits (AKA Flux) and killing him.

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