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Lil' George

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Lil' Bush was a satirical, politically-themed animated television series which premiered on June 13, 2007 on Comedy Central. The series features childlike caricaturized versions of members of the George W. Bush administration, and other American and international political leaders. It was created by Donick Cary, initially as content for Amp'd Mobile. The first season episodes each consisted of two story segments, with each segment featuring a musical performance by a band composed of main characters.

The second season, which premiered on March 13, 2008, consists of 10 episodes, and features thirty-minute storylines including the musical segment. The second season finale aired on Thursday May 15, 2008. The show was not renewed for a third season.

Lil' Bush takes place in an alternate reality version of the present day, where George H.W. Bush is president and George W. Bush ("Lil' George" on the show), along with his cronies (members of George W. Bush's real-life former staff), are children attending Beltway Elementary School. Issues in which the latter Bush Administration is involved—for example, the Iraq War—are transferred to the elder Bush, but feature the younger Bush interacting with them in various ways. Also, just as George Bush's father is president, the parents of the other kids are members of the elder Bush's cabinet (all depicted as their real-life adult counterparts, with the exception of the elder Cheney, who is depicted as Cheney with a Darth Vader helmet). The show pokes fun at George W. Bush's policies in an indirect manner and provides scenarios that he handled recklessly.

The series antagonists (also called Lil' Dems).

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