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Orko ( ) is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise. He was not part of the original toy collection on which the show is based; he was created by the show's writers to serve as comic relief. A toy figure of him was then manufactured. Orko appears in the 1980s Filmation series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and in the 2002 remake of the series. The character was named Gorpo in the early original series drafts, and that name was still used in the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the original series, but he was renamed Orko for animation purposes; Filmation artists often flipped the character cel, a technique that works best when the characters are symmetrical in design, and putting a "G" on Orko's shirt would have complicated the process because the letter G is not a symmetrical shape.

Orko is a "Trollan", a race of beings from Trolla, a world in another dimension. Trollans wear red robes, red hats, and hide their faces behind scarves. Apparently, in Trollan society, showing your face to each other is considered an intimate act, similar to humans sharing a kiss. There is a production drawing of Orko without his hat, in which he looks like a little blue elf, but it was never used in the series. Orko does reveal his face in an episode, but his back is turned and his face is not visible. Trollans appear to be blue-skinned humanoid with pointy ears. However, their feet remain hidden under their robes. Trollans have natural magic abilities, including levitation, which they exclusively use instead of walking. In one episode, Orko temporarily loses the power of levitation, and can be seen crawling around on his knees. Still, some Trollans have greater magical power than others; Orko's uncle, for example, is a famous magician. Orko is one of three people that know He-man's true identity.

Orko has always had trouble with his magical powers. A recurring joke in the series is that almost every time he tries to use magic, it backfires in some amusing way. The reason for this is not clear; in one episode, it is suggested that Trolla operates with natural laws that are the opposite of Eternia's, and that in Trolla, Orko was a good magician. However, in later episodes this is contradicted, and Orko is shown to be equally incompetent even on Trolla. Another episode indicates that Orko possessed a magical pendant that allowed him to use magic correctly, but that he later lost it. The amulet later turned up stuck on the back of a dinosaur resurrected by Skeletor. When Orko got back the amulet to erase the happening events, it goes back on the dinosaur before it all happens.

In addition to his magic spells, Orko also stores a plethora of items, some useful, some not-so-useful, inside his hat. The sheer number of things he stores inside the hat is impossibly great, suggesting that the hat itself is a bag of holding under some kind of magic spell.

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