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Ninjak is a fictional comic book character that originally appeared in eponymous books by Valiant Comics, and later by Acclaim Comics. Created by writer Mark Moretti and artist Joe Quesada, the character first appeared in Bloodshot #6 as Colin King and quickly gained his own series. The lead character is ninja spy Ninjak, whose alter ego is British playboy Colin King.

A second series was produced after Valiant Comics was purchased by video game company Acclaim Entertainment in 1996. The second series was written by Kurt Busiek. In the series, a teenager is endowed with ancient ninja powers from a video game. He is able to become the game's hero, Ninjak, but finds that the twelve villains from the game have started appearing in the real world.

Colin King is the wealthy son of a master spy who was employed by the British Government. King was raised in the Orient but was an outcast in that society. When his father was killed by rival agent Iwatsu, King went into training, determined to continue his father's tradition and bring his killers to justice. Now a master of the secret arts of the ninja, he serves England and the world as Ninjak.

Ninjak is the enforcer of the mysterious Weaponeer organization and the world's foremost espionage expert. Ninjak uses his expertise in martial arts, demolition, information acquisition and others skills, a keen intellect and an ability to prepare for any outcome in a given situation. He wears a kevlar-armored bodysuit that can change colour.

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