Rosaleen (The Company of Wolves)

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The Company of Wolves is a 1984 gothic fantasy-horror film directed by Neil Jordan, and starring Sarah Patterson and Angela Lansbury.

The film is based on the werewolf story of the same name in Angela Carter's short story collection The Bloody Chamber. Carter herself co-wrote the screenplay with director Neil Jordan, based on her own short story and her earlier adaptation of "The Company of Wolves" for radio.

Carter's first draft of the screenplay, which contains some differences from the finished film, has been published in her anthology The Curious Room (1996).

Set in modern times, the film takes place within the dreams of Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson), a young girl. Rosaleen dreams that she lives in a fairytale forest with her parents (Tusse Silberg and David Warner) and sister (Georgia Slowe), but one day her sister is killed by wolves. While her parents are mourning, Rosaleen goes to live with her grandmother (Angela Lansbury), who knits a bright red shawl for her granddaughter to wear. The superstitious old woman gives Rosaleen an ominous warning, to beware men whose eyebrows meet. Rosaleen returns to the village where her parents live, but finds that she must deal with the advances of an amorous boy (Shane Johnstone). Rosaleen and the boy take a walk through the forest, but the boy discovers that the village's cattle have come under attack from a wolf. The villagers set out to hunt the wolf, but once caught and killed, the wolf's corpse transforms into that of a human being.

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