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Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is a Sid and Marty Krofft live action children's television series from 1976. The series lasted 16 weeks (or one season) as part of the umbrella series The Krofft Supershow. During the second season, it was dropped along with Dr. Shrinker. When later syndicated in the package "Krofft Super Stars" and released on home video, the 16 segments, which were each about 12 minutes long, were combined into eight episodes.

The program playfully, but deliberately, lampooned the superhero combo of Batman and Robin, taking many of its cues from the earlier Batman television series. The show followed the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader Electra Woman (played by Deidre Hall) and her teen sidekick Dyna Girl (Judy Strangis), who worked in their off-time as reporters for a magazine. In each episode, the duo would don skintight spandex in a bright flash of light called an "Electra-Change", hop in the Electracar, and use an array of technically advanced gadgets to thwart an eclectic collection of supervillain. They are assisted by Frank Heflin, a scientist who stays at their "ElectraBase" while keeping in continual contact with the pair through their "ElectraComps".

Electracomps were the bulky, wrist devices worn by the title characters. They can function as two-way radios with video capabilities akin to those Dick Tracy used. Much like Batman's utility belt, they serve a variety of other specialized functions allowing the duo to escape a variety traps devised by their enemies. With the addition of special cartridge attachments, the ElectraComs were additionally seen to perform the following functions on the show:

The pilot portrayed Electra Woman as a disillusioned, bitter, sexually promiscuous alcoholic, much in contrast to the character's original portrayal. In the pilot, Electra Woman had been married and divorced since the end of the original series, her husband having left her for the original Dyna Girl. Although the pilot was shot, the series was not picked up.

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