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Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor

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Timothy "Tim The Tool Man" Taylor is the main character on the American television sitcom Home Improvement, portrayed by Tim Allen, from which his first name and alma mater (Western Michigan University) are derived. Tim Taylor is the husband of Jill Taylor and father of Brad, Randy and Mark Taylor, and lives in the suburbs of Detroit.

A hot rod enthusiast, Tim is knowledgeable on all things related to cars, and is fond of listing the different parts inside a particular car that catches his attention. Tim is also obsessed with building things. This is usually followed by his trademark grunting. He is also somewhat obsessed with modifying machines and household appliances for "more power" (a favorite catchphrase of his), because he likes doing things the "man's way". Most of the time, the rewired machines will backfire and cause some kind of accident. Nevertheless, he tries to pass these qualities to his sons. It has been shown on some occasions, most notably at the end of the episode 'Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher', that if Tim pays attention and follows instructions without trying to give things more power, he can be an effective craftsman. He is also a big fan of the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings.

Tim is witty, caring, but hastily incompetent, accident-prone, know-it-all handyman. He hosts his own television program, Tool Time, in which he and his assistant Al Borland teach audiences about home improvement. Audiences think Tim's outrageous accidents and fiascos are done on purpose to tell the audience what not to do. In actuality however, Tim just doesn't know as much as he thinks he does and tries to show off too; Al, on the other hand, often proves his knowledge with a warm, respectable modesty. Before becoming the host of Tool Time, Tim was a traveling parts salesman for Binford Tools. While Tim considers himself to be the star of the show and is a celebrity in Detroit, Al eventually becomes the more popular one with the viewers. Tim is initially concerned that Binford may switch hosts, but eventually embraces Al's popularity and his own tendency to overdo things. Tim's rival is real-life home improvement specialist Bob Vila, who made a few guest appearances on the show. A running gag is when Tim accidentally causes destruction to anything he touches-from the world's smallest car to running over golf carts-with a Marine Corps tank.

Living next door to the Taylors is Wilson, the man who helps Tim with his problems by quoting philosophers and historical figures. Tim, who is apparently not as intelligent as his wife Jill, has trouble understanding what Wilson tells him but eventually manages to figure it out on his own. However, he tends to mix up the words when trying to repeat Wilson's quotes, always to humorous effect. Tim, or any of the other Taylors, have a crisis ending conversation with Wilson in nearly every episode, even when traveling considerable distances. In one episode, Wilson points out that "Tim Taylor" spells out "mortality" when rearranged, and that

Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor

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