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Lady Mastermind

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Lady Mastermind is a fiction supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. She first appeared as Regan Wyngarde in X-Treme X-Men #6 (December 2001) and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Salvador Larroca.

Regan Wyngarde is the daughter of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind. Her half-sister is Martinique Jason, the second Mastermind. Like her sister and father, Regan possesses the ability to cast telepathic illusions. Although the character originally appeared as a villain, she would later have a brief stint as an X-Men. A short time after joining, she betrayed the X-Men.

Lady Mastermind is one of two daughters of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind. She has an intense hatred for her half-sister, Martinique (the two repeatedly insult each other). She was originally involved in a plot created by Sebastian Shaw to have his revenge against Sage and gain control of the Sydney underworld.

In an attempt to make Sage work for Shaw again, Lady Mastermind placed her in a series of illusion. However, with the assistance of Lifeguard, Sage was able to break the illusion and reflect Regan's powers back against her, leaving her in a vegetative state.

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