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Astro City's Honor Guard

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Kurt Busiek's Astro City is a comic book series centered on a fictional American city of that name. Written by Kurt Busiek, the series is co-created and illustrated by Brent Anderson with character designs and painted covers by Alex Ross. The first series debuted in August 1995, published by Image Comics, and since then has been published by Homage Comics (now part of Wildstorm Signature Series).

The most recent saga in the ongoing series, The Dark Age, is a sixteen-issue story arc set in the 1970s and 1980s, a period when the citizens of Astro City are pondering the functions and motivations of super-powered individuals, and their overall positions within the community at large.

The series is notorious for its sporadic publishing schedule. The Dark Age was begun in 2005 and finished its 16 issue run in May 2010, with the final four issues published monthly.

The metro area of Astro City is a mecca for super-powered beings, largely because Air Ace, the first public super-hero and a decorated veteran, established residency there shortly after World War I. The series has established a large cast of characters, from small cameo roles of a few panels to full center stage attention spanning several issues.

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