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Republic Commandos Delta Squad

CBUB Wins: 7
CBUB Losses: 6
Win Percentage: 53.85%

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Star Wars: Republic Commando is a first-person shooter Star Wars video game, released in the US on March 1, 2005. It was developed and published by LucasArts for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms. The game uses Epic Games' Unreal Engine. As of April 19, 2007, this game is backwards compatible for the Xbox 360 with a downloadable patch.

The game features some gameplay elements that resemble features in other first-person shooters, including Metroid Prime, Halo, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the game resembles the Metroid Prime helmet display. The context-based squad order system is similar to the Rainbow Six games. The usage of health and recharging shields, as well as the general combat gameplay, resemble styles seen in Halo 2. An unusual feature is that blood, or any fluid from a dead enemy that will splash onto the helmet, can slightly affect vision until an energy-based "windshield wiper" cleans it off.

The squadmate order system allows the player limited tactical control over the NPC squadmates. The order system resembles a simplified version of the context-based command menus seen in Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Many objects in the game environment will highlight when the crosshair is placed over them. The player can then press the use key to issue an order automatically associated with the object; for example, a door may highlight with a breach command, while a pile of cargo boxes may provide a "Sniper cover/Anti-Armor" command. The player can also order the squad to secure a certain position (where the crosshair is pointed), or search-and-destroy.

In single player mode, the player and squadmates do not die when they run out of health, but rather are incapacitated. If the player character is downed, the player can order the squad members to attempt to revive the player or to continue with their current orders. Therefore, the game is only truly over when the player and all members of the squad are incapacitated at once. While reviving a downed commando restores a small amount of health, bacta charging stations are necessary to fully regain it. Republic Commando maintains a first-person perspective throughout the game, presenting the story from the eyes of Delta 38.

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Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Delta Squad (Gears of War) 52 to 39
Loss Master Chief 38 to 56
Win The Covenant (Halo) 55 to 46
Win T-virus 57 to 42
Win Genestealer Cult 22 to 2
Loss Delta Squad (Gears of War) 8 to 17
Win Delta Squad (Gears of War) 16 to 15
Loss Delta Squad (Gears of War) 10 to 18
Win The Flood 18 to 7
Loss Dark Predator 9 to 16
Win Starfox Team 14 to 7
Loss Master Chief 11 to 14
Loss Noble Team 6 to 16