Ares (Marvel)

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CBUB Losses: 3

Ares is a fictional character, a deity in the Marvel Comics Universe based on the Greek god of the same name. He first appears in Thor (vol. 1) #129 (June 1966) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Ares has commonly appeared as an enemy of Thor and Hercules and starred in his own self-titled series in 2006.

Ares first appeared in Thor #129, 1966, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. He would often appear as a villain in both Thor and The Avengers over the next 30 years.

A 5-issue limited series, Ares, written by Michael Avon Oeming and drawn by Travel Foreman, was published in 2006 and focuses on this character. Since the release of the Ares miniseries he has been portrayed as an antihero.

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Ares (Marvel) Ares (Marvel)
Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Wolverine 87 to 26
Loss Hercules (marvel) 38 to 50
Win Auron 66 to 51
Win Optimus Prime 79 to 58
Win Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog 64 to 46
Win God of War Kratos 12 to 7
Loss Thor 4 to 21
Win Kenpachi Zaraki 13 to 12
Loss The Sentry 12 to 16
Win Malebolgia 6 to 5
Win Bigby Wolf 10 to 4