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The following is a list of characters seen in the American animated television series Frisky Dingo.

Killface (real name Evilyn) is a main character of Frisky Dingo. A muscular, maniacal super-villain, Killface is an alien with pale white skin, red eyes, a skull-like face, and feet resembling huge clawed talons. Killface does not appear to be clothed, nor does he appear to possess genitalia, despite having a son by the name of . He has superhuman healing abilities, having once survived most of his chest being blown away.

Killface has constructed the Annihilatrix, a rocket device designed to propel the Earth directly into the sun. However, having spent twenty billion dollar developing the Annihilatrix, Killface has insufficient funds for a media buy with which to market his global takeover.

Xander Crews (also known as Awesome X or "Barnaby Jones") is a superhero and owner of Crews Enterprise in Frisky Dingo. He is a parody of numerous 'playboy billionaire' superhero archetype. Crews has no moral qualms about killing. By the time of the series, Awesome X and the had effectively eliminated the supervillain threat, making superheroes unnecessary. , Crews' second-in-command and head of the board of directors, quickly announced Awesome X's retirement unbeknownst to Crews. Xander prefers to play superhero and waste money on his own entertainment.

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