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Titania (Mary MacPherran) is a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe, notable for being Marvel's strongest human female, except possibly the She-Hulk, and the wife of the Absorbing Man. She was created by then Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter, in the successful company-wide crossover known as Secret Wars. An aspiring bully, Titania became a significant threat, and the main rival of the She-Hulk.

According to writer/editor Christopher J. Priest, Mary MacPherran is a tuckerized version of Mary McPherson, a production assistant at Marvel.

She is the second supervillainess to carry the name. The first Titania was a female wrestler (a member of The Grapplers) who was assassinated by the Scourge of the Underworld.

Titania was introduced in Secret Wars #3.


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