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Tabitha Smith

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Tabitha Smith is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom, the character first appeared in Secret Wars II #5 (November 1985). She later appeared as a member of the X-Force and, more recently, as a member of Nextwave. Since her first appearance, Tabitha has used a number of different codenames, including Time Bomb, Boom-Boom, Boomer, and Meltdown.

Created by Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom, the character first appeared in Secret Wars II #5 (November 1985). She next appears as a main character in the Fallen Angels limited series. This leads to her becoming a supporting character in the X-Factor series beginning with issue #11, which then leads to her becoming a member of the short-lived X-Terminators team in the X-Terminators limited series. Following this series, she appears as a member of the New Mutants for the remainder of the New Mutants title; the team then became X-Force and she remained a member of the team for most of the X-Force series. Some time later, she appears as a member of Nextwave throughout the Nextwave series.

Tabitha was born in Roanoke, Virginia. She is depicted as a rebellious but normal teenager in her first appearance. Daughter of divorced parents, Tabitha's mutant powers manifest at 13, and her parents immediately show their disgust, her father even beating her. She runs away from home, giving herself the alias "Time Bomb," and meets the cosmic entity known as the Beyonder. He brings her to Charles Xavier, headmaster of the School for Gifted Youngsters, who ignores her to combat the Beyonder. Just before she can commit suicide over this second rejection, the Beyonder stops her, taking her with him on his cosmic trip. The Beyonder confronts the Celestials, and at her behest, returns Tabitha to Earth. She helps the Avengers ambush the Beyonder. She leaves the battlefield when she learns that the Beyonder felt betrayed by the actions of "his only friend."

Living on the streets, Tabitha becomes involved with Maurice "Tiger" Antonini and, after he threatens Tabitha and murders her friend Gina, she uses her powers to kill him. The villain known as the Vanisher then recruits her for his band of thieves, called the Fallen Angels, and she officially takes on her codename "Boom-Boom." She eventually betrays the Vanisher, calling in the help of X-Factor, whom she stays with afterwards. Tabitha's former teammate in the Fallen Angels, the alien Ariel kidnaps the Angels to her home planet, to be experimented on by her planet's scientists. Ultimately though, she can't go through with the plan and helps them escape. The Angels return to Earth and go their separate ways. Tabitha is kidnapped by the Right, an anti-mutant organization. Tabitha, X-Factor, and other mutants regain their freedom. Later, Tabitha joins her fellow X-Factor trainees as the X-Terminators. The team battles N'astirh's demons. During her tenure with the team, she convinces Rictor not to commit suicide.

Tabitha Smith

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