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Fallen One

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The Fallen One is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Thanos #11 (Aug. 2004), and was created by Keith Giffen.

The character first appears in the title Thanos, and is revealed to have originally been a Herald of the cosmic entity Galactus. The cosmic entity's first attempt at creating a servant, the Fallen One was empowered by dark energy as opposed to cosmic radiation. The character, however, proves to be cruel and is eventually imprisoned by Galactus. The Fallen One manages to escape and despite constant defeats, repeatedly attacks Galactus. The hero Star-Lord eventually imprisons the Fallen One in the inter-galactic prison the Kyln, although the character escapes when the Kyln is destroyed in a conflict between Thanos and the entity the Maker. Although the Fallen One locates Galactus, the character is instantly teleport back to Thanos, who tricks the former Herald into igniting a gas giant, which renders him unconscious. Thanos mentally enslaves the Fallen One and forces him to serve as Thanos' Herald.

During the Annihilation storyline, the Fallen One is killed in battle by the Proemial Gods Tenebrous and Aegis. The Gods present his remains to Thanos in a gesture of contempt.

The Fallen One, unlike later Heralds, is granted control of black matter, the "binding halo by which galaxies are made solvent". The character can use this matter to augment strength; durability; project energy; control the electromagnetic spectrum and manipulate matter. The Fallen One is capable of travelling faster than the speed of light and is immune to the rigors of space.

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