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Amazon (Amalgam)

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Near the end of the DC vs. Marvel crossover event in 1996, Amalgam Comics released a series of one-shot comic book combining characters from the Marvel Universe with characters from the DC Universe. The first twelve Amalgam titles were released in a single week, temporarily replacing both publishers' regular releases. Half the comics in the event were published by Marvel Comics and half by DC Comics. A year later, the stunt was repeated, but without the crossover as background. Later, both publishers collected their issues into trade paperback collections.

In the 24 Amalgam Comics titles printed, one-third of those printed included letter-columns by fictitious fans to give a larger background to the stories and to help give hints of what might happen in the next issue. The "fans'" hometowns were usually fusions of existing American cities.

Amazon (Princess Ororo of Themiscyra)

Assassins, written by Dan Chichester and illustrated by Scott McDaniel, featured two main characters, Catsai and Dare the Terminator, as the titular characters, who team up to take on the Big Question.

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