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The following are fictional characters from Disney's 1998 film Mulan and its sequel, Mulan II.

Captain Li Shang is a Chinese army captain. His speaking voice was provided by B.D. Wong in all three titles, and his singing vocals were performed by Donny Osmond. During his appointment in the first movie, is a highly capable leader with a dedication to his cause to match, albeit at times being too "by-the-book" and putting his duty above his feelings, in contrast to Mulan. He is often called a 'Pretty Boy' due to his dashing good looks and strong physique. He is reserved and thoughtful, a more logical and calming influence to Mulan's vivacious and reckless personality. Shortly after his initial introduction in Mulan, Shang is appointed newly as an army captain, by his father who is a general. Later through the film, he becomes friends with Ping (who is Fa Mulan disguised as a man), after his life is saved by him/her. Shortly after, however, he finds out she is actually a woman, which is forbidden by the empire's law, punishable by death. After sparing her life, and later helping her save the empire, they become love interests to each other with the closing of the film.

In Mulan II, the film begins with him proposing to marry Mulan, to which she gladly agrees. He is promoted from captain to general by the emperor, and he and Mulan are directed by the emperor to escort his three daughters to a conflicting kingdom in hopes that an arranged marriage between them and the three princes of the opposing nation will bring peace. He and Mulan go through much conflict around their relationship, and midway through the film he is assumed dead after falling into a canyon. Later, when it is revealed he is alive (with help from his horse), Mushu saves the day by pretending to be the Golden Dragon of Unity and freeing the princesses from their vows. Mushu (still posing as the Golden Dragon) marries Shang and Mulan, using that as the marriage to bring peace between the kingdoms. Mulan later tells Shang about Mushu and he combines both families temples so that Mushu can remain as Mulan's guardian.

Mushu is Fa Mulan's closest companion throughout the Mulan series, acting as her secret twin brother. He is a Chinese dragon with ears and a red color. He is voiced by Eddie Murphy in his first appearance and Mark Moseley afterward. At first, Mulan's companions were to be two reptilian creatures; the idea of the creatures being dragons had not been established. However, feeling that two sidekicks would overcrowd the story, the animators then decided on a two-headed dragon, though they were green and grotesque. After the animators decided on a single-headed dragon, they established Mushu's physical concept. For better use, the animators shrunk Mushu to a smaller size. Around the time when the music of the film was to be created, the songwriters had written a piece for Mushu for him to sing to assure Mulan that he will be there to help her. However, after Eddie Murphy came to voice the character, the character and his dynamic changed, and the animators canceled the piece, although it was a favorite among the filmmakers.

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