Batroc the Leaper

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Batroc the Leaper (Georges Batroc) is a fiction villain from Marvel Comics. His first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #75.

Batroc's stereotypical accent ("Batroc ze Leapair"), and funny name (Batroc resembles "Batrachia", a older name for Anura, the animal class to which frog belong), along with his clumsy vocabulary with which he has the tendency to insert whole French words (which are sometimes erroneous, ex. "mon capitan"), Dali-like moustache, lack of superpowers, and an apparent inability to win a fight have made him a very comedic character.

In later years, some writers have attempted casting Batroc in different light. In an issue of Mark Waid’s run on Captain America he was portrayed as a comical but highly talented martial artist capable of holding his own against Hawkeye and the Captain at the same time. In Ed Brubaker's Captain America, Batroc appears even more formidable, squaring off with the new Captain America twice and twice escaping with his prize intact (albeit it both times with assistance). Cap cites Batroc's martial arts style as a particularly dangerous one.

Sporting a new costume designed by John Romita, Jr., Batroc served as Klaw's top lieutenant in the first arc of the 2005 re-launch of Black Panther.

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Batroc the Leaper
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