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is a playable character in the Soul series of weapon-based fighting video game. Designed by comic book artist and toy designer Todd McFarlane through a collaboration with Namco, the character first appeared in Soulcalibur II and later as part of an action figure set created by McFarlane Productions. Necrid's spoken lines in the game are unintelligible, and no voice actor has ever been credited.

According to the game's back-story, Necrid was once a human warrior. He sought and found the cursed sword Soul Edge, only to be pulled into the dimension that the sword's spirit inhabits. After escaping the dimension—his body drastically mutated, his memories and sanity initially lost—he wields various forms of energy as weapons while searching for fragments of the shattered Soul Edge, which soothe the pain caused by his separation from the dimension's energies.

The character has received a mixed response. Some sources, GameSpy for example. criticized the character's design as clashing with the game's aesthetic, while UGO Networks praised the visual appeal of the character when in motion. Some reviewers, including Insert Credit and the Manila Bulletin, have called Necrid one of the best characters introduced to the series; others, such as, deem him one of the worst.

Series producer Hiroaki Yotoriyama learned that comics creator Todd McFarlane was a fan of the Soul series and that McFarlane had praised their characters' designs. McFarlane and Namco reached an agreement to release a line of action figure based on Soulcalibur II characters. Afterward, Namco proposed that their company design a new character for the game, an idea that McFarlane accepted because he considered it an opportunity to create a toy based on the finished design.

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