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Sixshot is the name of two fictional characters from the various Transformers universes.

Sixshot is a murderous warrior who carries out his job with a fierce intensity. He is a machine of few redeeming qualities, though chief among them is the fact that he respects all his foes, and will always speak highly of those whom he dispatches to the "great junkyard in the sky". The thrill of battle is what Sixshot lives for – he considers his life only worth living as long as there are enemies worth destroying.

Sixshot is a Solo Transformer Assault Group ("S.T.A.G."), or in simpler parlance, a one-robot army – he is named for his near-unique ability to assume six different modes. His armored carrier mode is armed with twin laser batteries, while in ramming tank mode, he is outfitted with an infra-red range finder and target tracker. He can attain the power of flight in his star cruiser mode, with a range of eight million miles, and is also able to take to the skies as a jet-propelled laser pistol (either full-size, or shrunken to be wielded by other Transformers). In these four modes and robot mode, he wields twin hypersonic concussion blasters, but his sixth mode – that of a winged wolf-creature – has no need for them, preferring to tear his opponents apart with its claws and fangs.

Released in 1987, Sixshot's number of alternate modes was unprecedented – his instruction leaflet was even sealed shut with a sticker, challenging buyers to figure out all six modes without aid.


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