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Bloodwynd is a fictional necromancer published by DC Comics. He first appears in Justice League America #61 (April 1992 ), and was created by Dan Jurgens.

Bloodwynd is the descendant of a group of African-American slaves owned by a brutal, sadistic planter named Jacob Whitney. These slaves performed an ancient ritual to create a mystical Blood Gem, with which they killed Whitney. The Blood Gem was passed down among the slaves' descendants. The Gem bestowed great physical powers on its wearer; unbeknownst to them, it also contained a microscopic world, where Jacob Whitney's spirit had become incarnate as the demon Rott. Over the years Rott grew ever stronger, as the Gem absorbed the dark side of each wearer's soul.

In recent times, Rott sucked Bloodwynd into the Gem and held him captive, whilst mind control the Martian Manhunter, compelling him to wear the Gem and impersonate Bloodwynd. Using Bloodwynd's identity, the Manhunter rejoined the Justice League, seeking a power source which would enable Rott to escape from his micro-world. While the JLA fought Doomsday alongside Superman, Blue Beetle realized Bloodwynd's identity when his cryptic teammate was incapacitated by fire (to which the Martian Manhunter was especially vulnerable). Once the truth was exposed, the Justice League battled Rott and freed the real Bloodwynd.

Bloodwynd remained with the Justice League after they rescued him from imprisonment within the Gem. Later, he withheld information from the League about an offer of alliance from the mystical villain Dreamslayer. Bloodwynd did not join Dreamslayer, though, sensing a strange kinship with him, but he would not oppose him either.

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