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This article covers notable characters of Tron and its various cinematic, literary, and video game adaptations and sequels.

For the first film, Richard Rickitt explains that to "produce the characters who inhabit the computer world, actors were dressed in costumes that were covered in black-and-white computer circuitry designs....With coloured light shining through the white areas of their costumes, the resulting characters appeared to glow as if lit from within....optical processes were used to create all of the film's computerized characters..." Frederick S. Clarke reports that "Tron 2.0 will combine live action with CGI," adding that "several characters...will be completely digital..."

Bit is a character from the movie Tron. Representing a bit (binary digit), it was only capable of providing yes or no answers to any question. Despite this it still managed to convey emotion and other levels of complexity.

Physically, Bit was represented within the movie by a blue polyhedral shape that morphed between the compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron and the small triambic icosahedron (the first stellation of the icosahedron). When "at rest" this shape was constantly shifting. When the Bit announces the answer "yes" it briefly changes into a yellow octahedron, and when it announces "no" it changes into the 35th stellation of the icosahedron, colored red.

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