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Mayor Adam West

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Adam West is a fictionalized caricature of the actor of the same name on the animated television series Family Guy. The character, voiced by West himself, is the mayor of the town of Quahog, Rhode Island, where the series is set.

Mayor West is characterized as an intense, soft-spoken lunatic whose delusion often come at great expense and sometimes danger to citizens of Quahog. His psychotic whims include dispatching the entire Quahog police department to Cartagena, Colombia, to search for the fictional character Joan Wilder from the film Romancing the Stone, or wasting council money on a solid gold statue of the Dig 'Em frog. He was also in a rather short one-episode relationship with Meg Griffin. In the episode "420", he legalizes marijuana after listening to a song Brian sings, only to "reillegalize" it a few days later when Brian sings a song condemning the substance.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wrote several episodes of the cartoon series Johnny Bravo. West played a similarly intense and eccentric rendition of himself in an episode written by MacFarlane, Johnny Meets Adam West!, first broadcast in December 1997. In the episode, West's fictionalized persona displays similar deluded characteristics to the later Family Guy character, such as believing a race of megalomaniac mole-people live under a local golf course. However, he dressed formally and behaved slightly similar to his character in the 1960s series of Batman. Seth found West's character and performance in Johnny Bravo so funny that he created a similar character for Family Guy.

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