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Sergeant 'Sarge' Mahonin (Doom)

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Doom is a 2005 science fiction horror film, based on the popular Doom series of video game created by id Software. It was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak.

After option deals with Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures lapsed, id Software signed a deal with Warner Bros. with the stipulation that the movie be greenlit within 12 months. Warner Bros. lost the rights, which were subsequently given back to Universal Pictures who started production in 2004.

In an [ interview] with executive producer John Wells, he stated that a second film would be put into production if the first was a success at the box office. Ticket sales for the opening weekend totaled more than US$.3 million, but promptly dropped to $4.2 million in its second weekend.

On Mars in the year 2046, in the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) Olduvai Research Facility, scientists are attacked and pulled into the darkness by an unseen monster. Doctor Carmack (Robert Russell) transmits a warning about a Level 5 security breach before the door behind him is torn open. He turns around and sees something through the gap.

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