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Franziska Von Karma

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Franziska von Karma, known as in Japan, is a fictional character in the Ace Attorney series. She is a prosecuting attorney, first appearing in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All. She later appears in the sequel Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations and the spin-off, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. She is the daughter of Manfred von Karma, an antagonist from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She wears regal clothing, notably wielding a whip which she uses frequently in and out of court on other characters. Producer of Justice for All described her as a "cute girl" and as a "shocking character," while Janet Hsu, a member of the localization team for the series and her voice actress, commented that she was one of her favourite characters to write for, commenting that she "has a lot more depth than people give her credit for."

Since appearing in Justice for All, Franziska has received mixed reception. While Game Informer described her as one of the "series' mainstays" and GamesRadar praised her as one of the most attractive females in video games from 2000 to 2010, she has been criticized for her personality and behaviour. GamesRadar editor Mikel Reparez found that she became "more obnoxious as her unyielding "I am perfect" schtick plays out." NGamer UK editor Matthew Castle found her "tiresome," preferring the prosecutor, Godot from Trials and Tribulations over her. Nintendo World Report editor Michael Cole similarly preferred Godot to Franziska, finding his attitude better than Franziska's "shallow ramblings." However, UGO Networks editor Mitchell Saltzman found her humorous, stating that her whip "will lead to many hilarious moments whenever you do something stupid or particularly damaging to her case."

Minae Matsukawa, producer of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, described Franziska as a "cute girl" and a "shocking character." One of the localization team members, Janet Hsu, who also voiced her in English, commented that Franziska was one of her favourite characters to write, commenting that she "has a lot more depth than people give her credit for." She has short, silver hair, and pale white skin. She wears regal clothing, including a bow and a dress suit. She also wears nylons, small boots, gloves, and earrings. She wields a brown whip, which she periodically uses on other characters in response to becoming frustrated by them.

Franziska first appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All as an antagonist to protagonist Phoenix Wright, specifically in the second episode. She is a prodigy prosecuting attorney, becoming an attorney in Germany at the age of 13, going undefeated until she was 18. She seeks to get revenge on Phoenix, who presumes this to be because he defeated her father, Manfred von Karma. She is typically seen holding a whip and using it on others, in and out of court. She tends to use the word "fool" to describe others, and has a cold personality. He defeats her in two trials, causing her great frustration. She is incapacitated during episode four, preventing her from presiding over the trial. When Edgeworth returns, it is revealed that her motive for defeating Phoenix was to shame Edgeworth, by defeating someone that he could not. However, near the end, she aides in the trial by bringing in a crucial piece of evidence that helps convict Phoenix's client, who was blackmailing Phoenix into getting him off. She becomes angry that Phoenix is glad with the events of the trial even though he lost, which Edgeworth criticizes her for. As a result, she storms out, leaving her whip behind. When Edgeworth returns it, she breaks down into tears. She appears in the final episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations, assisting both Phoenix and Edgeworth. She appeared in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, initially acting antagonistically towards Edgeworth. The game also shows events occurring seven years prior to the events of Ace Attorney Investigations where she is accompanied by Miles Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma. In the final episode, she acts as the head of embassy security detail at a foreign embassy, where she and Edgeworth work together to unravel a criminal organization and a 10-year old mystery.

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