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Winx Club

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Winx Club is a 2004 Italian animated television series, created by Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow S.p.A.. The series is aimed toward children between the ages of five and thirteen and has spawned an international franchise of toys, books, clothing, DVDs, as well as a CGI feature film.

Apart from the English language version done by Cinélume in Canada, 4Kids Entertainment in the United States made an alternative version by changing dialogue and music and alternating some visuals and situations. In 2011 Nickelodeon will be back with the complete Fourth season of Winx Club and will co-produce the upcoming Fifth and Sixth seasons.

Iginio Straffi first wished to create a cartoon for boys and girls in 2000, when children's programming was "dominated" by boy-oriented shows. He wished to create a show aimed mainly at girls like Sailor Moon, or My Little Pony.

This is a show about a group of fairies in a school for fairies in another dimension learning how to become a full fairy. 'Winx' is the name they use as the title of their group. As time goes they face the challenges of villians and achieving the goals an average fairy faces. This is similar to magical girl shows because they can transform and achieve upgrades and new powers. Unlike magical girl shows, they do not keep a secret identity, they aren't chosen warriors and it is not an anime. It is also meant for younger viewers, much like the show Angel's Friends.

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