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Century is a fictional comic book superhero, a member of Force Works in the comic series of the same name from 1994–1996. Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Tom Tenney, the character first appeared in issue #1 of Force Works in July 1994.

Century was a genetic creation consisting of the minds of the hundred strongest and most able of the surviving alien Hodomur. He possessed all their memories and instinctively used the knowledge he needed. Therefore he was an expert on many topics and a very skilled fighter especially with his battle-staff, Parallax. His lifespan was apparently fixed at 100 years. He was sometimes seen levitating while in a deep meditative trance. He had a symbiotic rapport with Parallax, an entity which bound the multiple personalities of Century into a unified self.

Since becoming amnesic from Broker's mind-wipe and interdimensional traveling, Century couldn't remember much about his past and often had to search for the right words which led to Century sounding like a thesaurus when he often used three similar words to express himself. Single memories returned when he was confronted with something from his past or he dreamt about it. After losing Parallax for a while, memories of his composite minds loosened and even after Parallax was returned to him he continued to remember bits from the lives of the Hodomur he was composed of.

As his name and some of his history indicated Century was meant to be the best of the 100 beings that made him up.

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